DVD: The Ghost Writer

The prissy, leftist political silliness of this movie overwhelms both the talented acting and the skillful direction by child rapist Roman Polanski.  We’re supposed to care that a  Tony Blair-type Prime Minister played by Pierce Brosnan aided America in having terrorists water-boarded?  I mean, just give the man a medal and have done with it!

Great actress. Silly film. But great actress.

The movie, based on a novel by the talented Robert Harris, struck me more than anything as proof of how little these leftists get out, how much time they spend talking only to themselves and confirming their own beliefs to each other.  The comic-inspired Kick-Ass, which I blogged about on Monday, has a far wider, deeper and more complex moral vision of what it takes – and what it costs – to do good in an evil world.  But then Kick-Ass wasn’t directed by a man who gives drugs to little girls in order to sodomize them, so it had a moral head start there.

Oh, but I do have to say one purely positive thing.  Olivia Williams, who wonderfully played the inspiring teacher in An Education (and was also Bruce Willis’s wife in The Sixth Sense), turns in an absolutely stunning performance here as the prime minister’s wife.  It’s great, Oscar-worthy stuff, and though all the acting is good, she really is in another dimension of excellence from the rest of the cast.   I can’t say the picture is worth watching for her sake, but man oh man, she’s tops.

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  • Andy

    Kick-Ass just has a minor’s innocence stolen by being groomed by an adult whom she calls Big Daddy, to commit cold blooded murder and talk like a foul mouthed adult female while dressed in various fetish outfits. Joke’s on you.

    Conservatives should have thought a bit harder about this film before trumpeting it. What’s even more amusing is that you’ve brought it up during a discussion about Roman Polanski. Irony of ironies. And it’s not a good movie. It’s visually flat and ridiculous.

    And the moral vision of the film is what? Usurping the rule of law in favor of vigilante justice? That’s a deep, moral vision? Yes, Ghandi would be proud.

  • http://morgue-toetag.blogspot.com/ Morgue

    Andy, you must be a liberal. How can you look at Hit-Girl as a victim? You claim that she had her innocence stolen because she was shown how to defend herself, and that she committed “cold blooded murder” because she killed mobsters and drug dealers? I’m going to take a safe bet and say that you also believe that when our soldiers shoot terrorists that they’re committing “cold blooded murder” as well.

    As for Hit Girl’s language, it’s nothing worse than how teenagers talk anyway, and her outfit was far more modest than most of the superhero costumes that women wear in comic books.

    On the subject of Roman Polanski, I wish the little girl he raped had been MORE like Hit-Girl, and was able to defend herself against a rapist like him.

  • http://dailywoof.wordpress.com Kensington

    Yeah, Olivia Williams was one of the best parts of Joss Whedon’s noble failure “Dollhouse” last year. She’s really good, not to mention yummy.

  • http://www.adirondacknorthway.net//towns/schroon-lake.php Schroon Lake

    Andy & Morgue have it right, If the conservative view of the world is a childish and violent comic book one where even little kids go around randomly killing bad guys, just bad guys, then the cons are morally and intellectually bankrupt.

    In movies you can make it so the bad guys are the only ones who die, but reality and morality are far more complicated than that. that is why most cons seem to live in some Rambo, Terminator fantasy world where violence and war are cool since they are remote and well produced.

  • Takayo

    I returned it shortly thereafter. The biggest annoyance: an imperfect bluetooth connection and oddly responsive keyboard