Klavan on the Culture: Does Islam Suck?

Whenever I am told I must be tolerant of other people’s religion, I always wonder, well, which tenet of their religion do you mean?  A religion, after all, is a system of beliefs and to say that all beliefs are equally worthy of tolerance is to say, essentially, that ideas don’t matter at all.  It’s nonsense of the purest ray serene.

For instance, I always try not to burn or behead those who hold different views on transubstantiation than I do – though there are days when it’s difficult, believe you me.  But if, like those Westboro Baptist clowns, you turn up at a US soldiers’ funeral claiming he deserved to die because America tolerates homosexuality and “God hates fags,” then you have been un-friended by me, brother.  Because your beliefs suck.

So with a group of Muslims cruelly and despicably determined to raise a triumphalist mosque near the site of the Islamist atrocities of 9/11 in New York, the question naturally occurs:  Does Islam suck?

Fortunately PJTV‘s lovable Klavan on the Culture is here to examine the question.  Well, I think he’s lovable!

Infidel Justin Folk did the backgrounds. Oh – and if the embeddable version should get disabled, you can always see it – and lots of other good stuff, right here on PJTV.

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  • pke

    Speaking of which, I just saw your interview from the Hoover Institution on YouTube. Truly insightful and inspiring.

  • jef

    Yes Islam sucks!

  • Brian Q. Newcomb

    Just as I find some expression of Christianity to … well, in your words, suck… I think it’s wrong and small-minded to lump all of Islam and it’s followers into one category. When Focus on the Family and right wing religious voices talk nonsense in the name of Jesus, I don’t want to be painted with the brush… but as we know, the religious right gets all the press, all the cultural sway and more progressive, less extreme forms get ignored, and thus have less influence in the popular discourse. Same appears to be true of moderate Muslims in America, Europe and around the world. Many and most Muslims are trying to find a sane way into the modern world while practicing their core convictions of peace and discipline… those disfiguring women, stoning “sinners,” etc… their religion indeed sucks. But if you’re going to say all of Islam sucks, because of some bad eggs, than as a Christian I have to argue you are not looking at the wider issue and experience. We can and I believe should not only tolerate but encourage and engage moderate Muslims in conversation, as they get stronger, more influential in their own faith system, the way I pray more progressive voices grow in influence in Christian circles.

  • Muhammad Syafiq

    So let me get this right? If a bunch of leftist Muslims who want to put up a community center with a prayer room don’t do what you want you are going to conclude that Islam, my faith sucks.

    I am a right wing, George Bush, Republican Muslim.

    You have no clue what you are talking about. These Muslims that are doing this are leftist progressives. Where else do you here the blame America stuff? Leftys. You have it 100% wrong if you think these guys have a connection to terrorism. They have a connection to Nancy Pelosi.

    So I dare you to reach out to me by my email and prove to me YOU are not a bigot. I don’t throw that word around lightly. Almost nobody who is against the Mosque is a bigot. Including me and the many Muslims who are against it. But you are going to judge me and my faith based on what these idiots do. How fair is that Andrew?

    You email me and I will give you all the evidence that these are typical leftists. Heck, even all of their view of Shariah is nothing like the Taliban. It is something any communist would be proud of.

    Meanwhile how about we decide Christianity sucks because of all of the triumphalist Churches they built on native American land after killing a good part of the population.

    That is a ridiculous statement I just made. So was yours. Email me if you are ready to hear from a Politically Right, Moderate and Modern Muslim. Or do you just want to live in a world of stereotypes while pretending you aren’t a bigot.

  • RightWingHomosexual

    *Great* video.

    Well thought out … well put together.

    I have been preaching for years about the persecution of gays and lesbians in the Middle East under the heel of theocratic, homophobic Islam where GLBT are arrested, raped, tortured and murdered … while the U.S., the West and the left-wing press remains *silent*.

    Sharia Law, the whip of theocratic Islam, seeks to *destroy* anyone who does not submit to its world-wide minneret. Islam is anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, homophobic, racist and viciously bigoted. Cultural minorities in the Middle East are routinely attacked by racist Muslim youth (especially Africans who travel to the Middle East to work in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt), Jews have been driven out of most Arab countries and Buddhists and Hindu’s suffer persecution in Russia, Uzbekistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and other places where radicalized Islam has gained a beachhead.

    For those of you who are gay and side with Mr. Obama, the left, the Democratic Party, and the various left-wing, Islamic hate groups understand one fact: Sharia Law = death.

    I urge GLBT to watch the beheading videos in Saudi Arabia and other “tolerant Islamic nations” where gays and lesbians are routinely exterminated like rats.

    If you still beleive that President “I dont beleive in gay marriage” Obama has your best intentions at heart, ask the two gay teenagers hung in Northern Iran for the crime of “homosexual perversion.”

    Stop Murdering Gays and Lesbians.
    Stop the the Islamic Persecution of Homosexuals in the Middle East.

  • Mug

    Great, well make sure you don’t build any churches near schools anymore as we should be protesting that as well. Hey, don’t want little boys geting there dicks touched by preists. Remember, that was not just an isolated inncident, that was a gloabal network of perverts running the church. So you want No masjid, Ok, then NO CHURCHES!

  • G Nickerson

    The long and colourful history of the Christian church is really a tale of two churches. On the one hand we have the long and blood red coloured history of the established state Christian church. On the other hand we have the long black and blue history of the TRUE independent Bible believing congregational church.
    One of these entities has a bloody past of power hunger, intolerant madmen using Christianity as a window dressing to maniacal schemes bent domination of all aspect of human live. This group is often the one most thought of when the topic of the bloody church is brought up. This Bible ignoring, gospel subverting monstrosity has not gone unchallenged by the other group for which this other group has suffered dearly.
    The congregational, independent, state separate, spirit first church has stood as a clear voice of reason throughout the ages against the man made power broker church. In turn it has suffered persecution on….”Biblical” levels…

    Let Islam take notice…Let the John Bunyan, John and Charles Wesley, George Whitfeld, John Clark and the Welsh baptists…of the Islamic faith STAND UP!!! and take it on the chin…like those in chrisendom had to …

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  • James

    Islam is a parasite!

  • TheTruth

    Islam is garbage, and your prophet was a murdering phyco pedophile.

  • JoeBillScott™

    Thanks Mohamed.

  • JoeBillScott™

    They are not leftists they are Moslems just using and manipulating the American Left (e.g., Nancy Pelosi) to assist them in implementing their war against infidels or non-Moslems, much as the Left uses Moslem radicals (and Moslem Republicans alike) as their stalking horses for implementing their war against Capitalism.

    So Mr. Syafiq, don’t defend them. Here’s a video for you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikJ_6irGNW8

    Here you can listen to reasonable Moslem.