Movie: The Expendables

After I saw this Sylvester Stallone actioner, I joked to Big Hollywood’s John Nolte that I was rearranging my movie list to read:

  1. Casablanca
  2. Gone With The Wind
  3. The Expendables
  4. The Third Man
  5. The Godfather

And okay, it’s not that good, but I had such a good time watching it that it sort of felt like it was for a while.  As far as I could make out, the plot, if that’s the word I want, is the same as The Losers but the fun here comes from watching the cast of somehow-not-over-the-hill action guys haul their butts out of the weight room for one last blow-out against the bad guys.  Gratuitous scene bringing Stallone together for the only time with Governor Ahnud and Bruce Willis included.  And, as always, Jason Statham is great.

The LA Times is Next!

Apparently, girly-man leftist critics, chafing at the movie’s box office success, accused Stallone of being too patriotic.  Yeah, and I bet he’s faithful to his wife and says his prayers too, the bastard!  But you know what:  the reason the film succeeds so well is because Stallone, who also directed, understands what action pictures are really about:  namely, manhood – namely, the masculine imperatives to defend the girl, get the job done and be loyal to your buddies.  Sly does it all here and while Eat, Pray, Love tanked, Hurt, Maim, Kill – aka The Expendables – cleaned up as it richly deserved.

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  • gn

    I particularly liked the way it exposed the epidemic of white male business-suit Americans exploiting the sympathetic third world despots who are just, y’know, trying to do their best. A trope which Sly praises himself for avoiding having foisted on him in “Rambo”. I guess he wasn’t so successful this time.
    Seriously, I’d like to see some serious inquiry of whose idea this plot was. I haven’t been so surprised since “The Brady Bunch Movie” turned out to be about greedy bankers trying to take their house.

  • Olivier Labbé

    You describde it, just like I saw it!

    the only thing missing was The Norris

  • richb313

    Nice take on the Expendables. It does not matter how well it does at the Box Office the ones that need to take note will only blame the audience instead.

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