Movie: The Takers

A fun, stylish movie-movie this, with an excellent cast led by the wonderful Idris Elba and featuring the really, really attractive Zoe Saldana.  It’s gentlemen bank robbers against tough street cops with cool cars, luxurious interiors, 30-year-old Macallan malt and did I mention Zoe Saldana?

Like... really...

Director John Luessenhop (I should mention here that I have some business with the man and like him and wouldn’t have reviewed this if I hadn’t enjoyed it) does a good job adding flash to the flash and concisely communicating the high style and macho friendships among the gang of thieves.  There’s an especially good broken field chase featuring Chris Brown and an excellent fight featuring Hayden Christensen and his also excellent hat.  Loved the hat.

But mostly, the picture is the cast and they’re all tops.   Elba, the guy who played Stringer Bell on The Wire, rapper T.I., Christensen and Paul Walker all have crazy charisma.  Matt Dillon is a powerful presence as one of the cops.  And Zoe Saldana is, like,  really attractive.

I notice this got very harsh reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes.  Doesn’t deserve em.  It does exactly what it says it’s going to do, and it’s a pleasure pretty much the whole way through.

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  • Rich

    Just saw the movie The Takers. I can’t believe that a professional movie critic would would give this picture a thumbs up. A predictable plot that was a tired knock-off of the movie Heat. What a lousy ending with a bleeding wounded Idris Elba, his crack-head sister and one other boring character escaping Matt Dillon in hot pursuit. The plot was predictable, the characters under developed and a total waste of time. (Oh, and did I mention Zoe Saldana? No? maybe that’s because I’m older than 12 years old!)

  • Jamie

    This movie sucked….why do the bank robbers and crack head sister get away from the good cop, even though he is tough and doesn’t play by the rules, he’s an honest cop. So, it shows it’s ok to rob if you get away with it..