Off to Story

I’m off this week to speak at the “Story” conference in Chicago.  Billed as “a conference for the creative class,” it’s a gathering of artists and ministers trying to figure out fresh ways to communicate Christian truths.  I’m planning to talk about the roles stories played in my own conversion and about why I haven’t cleaned up my storytelling act any since plunking for God.  I get asked about these things often and it’s a difficult subject to address without time to speak at some length.

I understand this event is sold out, but there’s a waiting list on the website if you want to try to cadge a last minute ticket.   Should be interesting anyway.

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  • Tom Barkwell

    Storytelling should originate from a place of honesty, first and foremost. Rough characters act and talk in rough ways. People do things that many find unpleasant and repulsive. If you were to write only in ways that would please the pious, you wouldn’t be true to your craft, or yourself.

  • Bea M. Garcia

    Cool dude, please do tell your story. I own nearly all your books & they are great. I fell for Jason Harrow & would fall for Charlie West except at over 40 years old, it would be totally sick. You are a wonderful story teller. I love your male characters most. Macho, tough, & bit unsure of themselves, flawed–very sexy. You have skills that our Lord has generously bestowed on you. Please tell your story because it is a story worth telling. Enjoy Chicago & keep plunking away for the ALMIGHTY.

  • Chad

    Does this mean I’ll have to wait even longer for your next PJTV installment? I emailed the PJTV customer service people and asked if there was any way to clone you and get new updates twice as often, but they closed the ticket without resolution, which I think means they’re not going to clone you.


  • ari

    yes, well, will a version be a post? I’m curious. I’ve read your interview with Mr Olaskey. I’ve seen bits and pieces. Would you please post this since very probably a great many of your readers won’t be able to make it to a Chicago conference?