On the Important Matter of Jennifer Aniston

Okay, this is a weird post, but hey, it’s my blog, so here it is.

I hate chick flicks.  A lot.  Watching them feels to me like I’m at the dentist and he says, “Oh, sorry, I’ve discovered a cavity in your forehead,” and starts to drill.  Once, when I was writing a mystery script for Sally Field, I went to see her film Steel Magnolias, which was playing in theaters at the time.  And listen, Sally is a great actress and a charming  lady, and for all I know, it’s the finest movie of all time…  but it was killing me.  Like, killing me.  By the end of it, I was leaning against the multiplex wall so I could listen to the Civil War film Glory, which was playing in the theater next door.

Anyway, the other night, I found myself watching this Jennifer Aniston film Love Happens on television.  I’m not sure how this happened or why I allowed it to continue happening.  It had something to do with having my wife in one hand and an excellent single malt in the other.   That’s my excuse.

So Love Happens is not just a chick flick, it’s a bad chick flick.  Just a flat nothing of a movie wavering between melodrama and no drama at all.  But I couldn’t help noticing what I’d never really noticed before:  that Aniston is one of the most talented light actresses alive.  The picture totally blows her off.  She’s a foil for Aaron Eckhart through most of it, and not much of a foil at that.  But man, she takes such earth-shaking lines of dialogue as “Okay,” and “Yeah,” and “You’re really messed up,” and invests them with so much humanity, warmth and humor that for moments at a time I thought the picture might actually amount to something.  No kidding.  Plus, she’s gone from being a sort of cute, quirky  little creature to being an absolutely beautiful woman.

So how come she’s never in any good movies?  I mean, The Break-up was okay but after that…  The SwitchThe Bounty Hunter?

Are there no good roles for beautiful, funny women who can act like nice human beings?  No more TV shows like Friends?  Does she just not care or have bad taste?  Enquiring minds wanna know, dude.

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  • http://www.disciplemagazine.com Justin

    Call me crazy, but I found 2008′s Marley & Me to be a good movie, with Aniston as a key element of its quality.

    It’s not On the Waterfront or How Green Was My Valley, but it was a decently believably, lightly humorous look at the joys and disappointments of everyday life, marriage, and parenting that warmed my heart. I suppose it sticks in my mind because that sensation of “Hey, this isn’t all that crappy after all” doesn’t wash over me often in the theater these days.

  • Ellen

    Well, I’m a woman who hates chick flicks too. Most of them are in insult to my intelligence and the charaters aren’t even grown up.

    Sorry, Andrew but I don’t get Jennifer Anniston. I never did. Although she was pretty good in Office Space.

  • Fred Kavanaugh

    The lack of good roles for women has more to do with the international marketing of film than some failure of imagination. An action shoot-em-up does not even need that much dubbing because there is very little dialogue that is needed to keep the story going. A movie about American women and how they live out their lives in the modern America will NOT connect with the overseas market, no matter how well written, or well-acted. . .

  • Lars

    Jennifur just needs to find her inner forrest gump and channel a backwoods babe with gristly grit and comedy chops.