Me And Orson Welles

This is just a sweet little movie based on the novel by Robert Kaplow but it does have one real delight worth mentioning.  Screenwriter Holly Gent Palmo and British stage actor Christian McKay combine to create a genuinely convincing portrait of Orson Welles as seen by one of his acolytes:  a portrait of the artist by the young man.

All's Welles that ends Welles.

The movie captures how an egomaniacal, abusive and amoral genius can bring something worthwhile into the lives of those who work with him even as he drives them crazy and hurts them deeply.  McKay makes Welles’ charm, energy and lust for both women and life come right off the screen so you both love the guy and hate him.  It’s a cool performance.

Also, this is the second movie I’ve seen with Zac Efron in it.  Both times he was better than I thought he would be.  If he just didn’t look so damned girly, I could really appreciate him.  Maybe time will fix that flaw.

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  • K

    In the poster, Efron reminds me of a young Peter O’Toole. With a little dignified aging, some time in the gym (a few steriods) and a reputation as a cad with women, he could passably ascend to the same manly man status.

  • Bea M. Garcia

    Mr. Effron has skills. He is, indeed, a “pretty boy” but not to worry men get better looking as they age. Women just get haggy. God has such a great sense of humor.