Me Behind The Mike

If you look over at the news column today, you’ll see AudioGo, which used to be BBC Audiobooks, is bringing out the audiobook of my new novel Identity Man.  I’ll be spending much of this week recording it.  A genuinely interesting experience, recording your own book.  The first time I did it was quite nerve-wracking.  Having no acting experience to speak of, I had no clue what my capabilities were.  When the director asked me if I could make a female character sound angrier, I thought, Gee, I don’t know.  Maybe I can. I could, it turned out and, judging from reports, the narrations are entertaining to listen to.

Still, when you read your own material, you get the fullest sense possible of its qualities:  whether it’s well-written or not, whether it works or not.  So far, my best experience has been narrating Empire of Lies for Brilliance audio.  When the crew in the booth started cracking up at the funny parts – and when I myself had to stop the recording because I’d choked up at one of the more moving moments – I had a very solid sense that the book was good stuff.  It was…  a reassuring experience, let’s call it.

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  • Ellen

    I’m looking forward to hearing this. I’ve listened to a few authors who read their own material and most of them are not good. You are good – very good indeed. So is Neil Gaiman.