Last Laugh?

The humorist – and James Bond scenarist – Bruce Feirstein once said to me, “Comedy takes no prisoners.”  By which he meant that good comedy mocked the mockable whether the comedian agreed with them or not.  My biggest complaint about the arts in post-sixties America is not that they’re liberal, it’s that they’re only liberal and that that liberalism is enforced by critical bias, not to mention professional blacklisting.  Nowhere is this a bigger problem than in comedy.  I mean, okay, Bush talked funny.  I get it.  I laughed.  But Obama’s a completely clueless incompetent, a deer caught in the headlights now that he’s found out everything he learned in school is wrong and his charm isn’t enough to make up the deficit.  So where are our comedians?  Well, wonder of wonders, here’s one of them now.  About bloody time.

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  • Benjamin

    You personally know the man who jolted Bond back to life by writing Goldeneye? Klavan, you are Too Cool.

  • CG

    I guess this wasn’t an episode of “Punked” after all.

  • ASM

    Jon Stewart may be a self-hating Jew, but as a Zionist I find it very difficult to dislike him!!
    Maybe he is waking Up!! Maybe He will Run for the Tea Party yet!!
    Stranger things have happened. He is quite a brilliant intellect and he is shining in his mockery of Obama and Co!!