KOC: Election Guide to the War

In the past, many of you were perplexed about what to do in the upcoming elections.  Should you throw your vote away on some idiot Republican, you asked yourself, or let the country sink into ruin?  But then – like some bright shining bright thing, along came Klavan on the Culture’s Election Guide to the Economy and your indecision gave way to glorious panic and despair.

Now–mirabile dictu–KOC is back with yet another election guide, this one explaining where the various political parties stand on the War on Terror complete with charts and graphs showing why we’re completely screwed.

Announcing Klavan on the Culture’s Election Guide to the War from PJTV.  Justin Folk stuck me in the pamphlet. Which hurt like crazy.

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  • http://www.opinion-forum.com Brianna

    Andrew, you have outdone yourself! Excellent satire!

  • Bea M. Garcia

    Guy, you are too much. Thanks again for sharing your genius.

  • http://theliterarydoctor.com Richard Barager

    Bravo, Andrew. Very funny. And effective.

    Just think how much more vitriol from “progressives” you would be shouldering today if your fellow “reactionary” author Mario Vargas Llosa hadn’t won the Nobel Prize for literature yesterday. It is quite something to behold, isn’t it, their disdain for writers who espouse affinity for free markets, limited government, and personal liberty?

    Tom Wolfe, David Mamet, Andrew Klavan, and now Mario Vargas Llosa–hmm, I think there might be a literary conservative pulse.