KOC: Extremists at the Gates!

The mainstream media–a group of people far to the left of the American public–are deeply concerned that the extremist tea party–a group of people whose ideals represent the American mainstream–are threatening the careers of centrist Democrats… who are extremists.  If that sounds complex–or just plain idiotic–never fear.  That two-inch tall homuncular version of myself known to his likewise two-inch tall friends as Klavan on the Culture has come here all the way from PJTV to sort things out.  Insane visuals by the likewise insane Justin Folk.

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    It’s all so very simple, yet confusing. Isn’t it? To simplify, if the mainstream media personalities lips are moving, they’re lying. They are nothing but a product of our college and university systems that have been conrolled by Marxists since the late 60s. That’s why they have a “Slobbering Love Affair” with Barrack Obama and the rest of the Socialist Party, er Democrats.

    Thanks for helping explain this, KOC.