TV: Blue Bloods

If you’re sick of watching House turn into a girly and idiotic romance and disgusted watching Medium interject typical Hollywood leftist “lessons” into its stories, try the new Blue Bloods on CBS.  It’s about a family of New York City law officers – and yes, we’ve seen that before, but a spectacular cast gives it new life.  Plus, it has values, warmth and intelligence.  It has replaced House on my DVR sked.

The Right Stuff.

The way the show works:  every week there’s a crime that touches the life of the Reagan family, which includes the chief of police, a detective, a street cop and a prosecutor.  The crime drama unfolds but also, somewhere in the middle of the show, the family sits down to dinner and discusses the issue that arises from the story:  the use of torture, say, or the citizen’s right to protect himself with a firearm or whatever.  So instead of trying to use emotionalism to put some idiotic leftist tripe over on the audience, the show turns to reasoned argument which, of course, always favors conservatism.  Plus most of the Reagan family is on the right side anyway.

Not, as I say, searingly original but Tom Selleck is Dad, the police chief, and he’s at his iron-man-of-integrity-with-a-heart best.  Donnie Wahlberg is his son, the Iraq war vet detective, and he’s perfect.  Bridget Moynihan, an underappreciated actress in film, does a fine job as the DA.  And Len Cariou, an absolutely terrific stage actor much, much underused in the movies, is wonderful as the cantankerous but good-hearted grandfather.

For those who are throwing up their hands – or just throwing up – at the pervasive and preachy leftism of too many network shows, Blue Bloods is a highly enjoyable family crime drama.

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  • Nora Charles

    That will be one for the list when it screen in Australia.

    Thanks for the heads up Andrew.

    BTW have you seen the BBC series Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role?

    It’s a 3 x 90 minute series which sets Holmes and Watson in the modern day.

    I understand that the series will start /has started in the US on PBS tonight/last night (damn timezones).

    It’s simply brilliant. Wonderful performances, great writing, tremendous respect for the original material.

    For my money it’s the best Holmes/Watson/Lestrade combination since the 1954 series starring Ronald Howard (son of Leslie), Howard Marion Crawford and Archie Duncan.

  • Levi Sweeney

    Blue Bloods was okay for a few episodes, but I got tired of Danny acting the most moronic cop ever to grace the screen after the 2,000th time he used the Jack Bauer interrogation technique. The acting was great, but it suffers from having the uninspired subplot with the “Blue Templar” in the first season and too many underdeveloped characters. It also throws its lot in with the left plenty of times too, such as in the terror plot episode where some white suburban soccer mom turned out to be the radical jihadist. Yay political correctness-lite!