My Favorite Column Last Week

I recently told Glenn Reynolds that he has just about cut my productivity in half with his wickedly addictive Instapundit.  He’s a lawyer.  Maybe I’ll hire him to sue himself.  Meanwhile, I follow a link of his for the second time in two days to bring you a genuinely funny column by Pajamas pundit Frank J. Fleming.  Fleming rightly points out that Democrats and Republicans both suck…  but there’s a subtle difference:

Doesn’t it suck when you have a dog that barks all night? Everyone hates that. It’s annoying. It can even drive you pretty crazy if it goes on long enough. People hate that.

Know what also sucks? A zombie apocalypse. That’s when society collapses due to some spreading zombie virus, and most of your friends and family are dead, and you have to scrounge for food to survive while the walking dead threaten you around every corner. People also hate that.

So, we’re all agreed that a barking dog and a zombie apocalypse both suck.

Republicans suck like a barking dog.  Democrats suck like a zombie apocalypse.  Yeah, that seems about right to me.  Read the whole thing here.

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