The Toy Story 3 Election

Here’s me in Tuesday’s LA Times on why the massive success of Toy Story 3 should’ve warned Democrats they were on the wrong track:

If indications hold true, voters Tuesday will deliver a powerful rebuke to the Obama administration and its plans to transform America. Also, “Toy Story 3″ will come out on DVD. These two events are not unrelated.

Last summer’s Pixar blockbuster — one of the best American films in a decade — was a similar rebuke, not perhaps to the Obama White House specifically but to its underlying ideas. The fact that the film was such an immense hit, earning back over half its estimated $200-million budget in a single weekend, should have served as a warning that Americans, though they might like the president personally, do not share his agenda.

Read the whole thing here.

Also…  it’s the official publication day of the third Homelanders novel, The Truth of the Matter.  Don’t forget to vote on your way home from the bookstore.

"If I can just reach that voting lever..."

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  • joker

    Hilarious article. You were kidding weren’t you?