Me on the Election

From the City Journal website:

“Republicans shouldn’t be worried. They should be in agony. They should be throwing up. Republicans had better get a better policy on prescription drugs and quickly: they’re gonna need a lot more Prozac.” Those words were crowed by Democratic strategist James Carville, who celebrated the 2008 electoral victory of Barack Obama by writing a book called 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation. Meanwhile, Time featured a GOP elephant on its cover with the headline: ENDANGERED SPECIES? And The New Republic rechristened the country “America the Liberal.”

Well, if political prognosticators were judged by the accuracy of their prognostications, who, to paraphrase Hamlet, would escape a whipping? Still, after the whipping the Democrats just received in the midterms, it does seem appropriate to ask what just happened. How did a political party take a popular president, a filibuster-proof Senate majority, a willing public, and a slavish media and ride them in only two years to a political thrashing?

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