KOC: You Too Can Be A Mainstream Media Reporter

We at PJTV’s Klavan on the Culture are well aware that those of you who want to be hep or with it turn to us to learn the latest trends.   If you don’t want your girlfriend or boyfriend or homosexual leather torture master to think you’re L7, you know you can always get your cool on by asking:  “What’s the K-Man got swinging on the cutting edge, Daddy-O?”  Or words to that effect.

But in this crazy, fast-paced, 24/7 world, even a bangin’ gangster like my little alter-self can sometimes fall behind the times.  We are only now catching up with the going trend of Reality TV, in which ordinary people try to degrade themselves to the very lowest level of the lowest common denominator.  And ask yourselves:  what could be lower than the mainstream media?

That’s why KOC is proud to present our new reality show:  You Too Can Be A Mainstream Media Reporter.  How low can you go? The low Justin Folk supplies the high-larious graphics.

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  • Nora Charles

    Ya see – *that’s* why I couldn’t (any longer) be a mainstream media reporter.

  • Alex

    Andrew I love your posts, congratulation on the success of your last book!
    One comment about your last funny video, although I agree with most everything in it, was it not Scooter Libby (Dick Cheney right hand man) who revealed to the press Valerie Plame real day time job?