KOC: What’s Wrong With the American People

They’re better, smarter, more logical and wiser than we are — and yet we voted them out of office in the mid-term elections.  It just doesn’t make sense.  How and why did a bunch of know-nothings like us turn against such know-it-alls like them?  Well, since they know it all, let’s ask them:  What’s wrong with the American people?

Say hello to my little friend, PJTV‘s Klavan on the Culture, who personally polled the elites for answers.

The elite Justin Folks provides the backgrounds.

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  • WestHouston

    I thank God that you are on OUR side!

  • Nora Charles

    Like Harvard… heh.

  • Anonymous


  • Sileshar

    Thanks. I will no longer be intimidated by Bill Maher’s sneer!

  • Magee-tiffany

    Andrew, you are one of the best communicators I have ever seen. Thank you for being brave enough to speak the truth so clearly and with such great humor! I can’t get enough of your commentary!

  • Blizard6

    I agree with everything your saying but a corpsemen is a coreman in the navy.

  • friendofthedevil

    Yeah, how do ya say that in Austrian, Ahhhhnold?

  • junior

    I quit trusting the u.s. gov. to tell me the truth when they killed jfk. lbj gave us the gulf of tonkin & the vietnam war. rayguns & nixon did nothing to stop muslim terrorist when they had a chance to not let it spread. in the ’80;s we funded the afghanis to fight the russians/commies whom u.s. bankers created in early 1900′s. the bush’s gave us iraq & afghanistan again, while clinton gave us the 1st twin towers, ruby ridge, branch davidian murders in waco, the okc. bombing scam. oh yeah, i trust these sob’s!

  • Tom C.

    ” Why don’t they (the elites) go somewhere where there are no Americans …. like Harvard” and ” Bill Mahar must be an elite, he has a show on HBO and speaks with a sneer on his face” are the funniest lines I’ve heard in some time. Then again I’m too stupid to go to Harvard or watch HBO.

  • Augusta

    I love to watch these smug adolescents debate Yeshiva scholars, The Society of Jesuits, Seminary students, or even a simple day laborer who risked everything to come here from any nation ruled by a despotic socialist regime, about the virtues of secularism and big government. These ‘elites’ seem so confident in themselves yet most of them won’t even debate Bill freakin’ O’Reilly or Beck. LOL!

  • Tom

    I have not seen this show before. Through Ann Coulter’s blog I have learned and enjoyed very much. Each sentence of your is so clear, neath, simple in a human being’s senses. It is true that every time people to explain the reasons the elites, liberals, most of actors, actresses and democrat politicians then they have to a level very low of any creatures in nature in which most of people don’t want their loved ones to learn from them.
    Good works and keep it up.
    Thank you very much