Game: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

For gamers, this is like crack cocaine.  Except, you know, you don’t have to become a prostitute to support the habit.  Unless you want to.  But no, seriously, I loved this and then loved it some more.  Couldn’t stop playing it until the last boss cursed me and died.

Tell Lara I Love Her.

Can’t for the life of me tell you what the plot was.  Lara.  Artifacts.  Breasts.  Short-shorts.  Big Aztec-God-looking-type guy.  Kaboom.  At the end, Lara said something like, “Now I will replace the mirror and Quetzocoaxlecable will return to his destiny,” and I was, like, “Hanh?”  But who cares?  The gaming is terrific.

The art and layout are especially great.  It reminded me more than anything of Diablo in layout, a sort of overhead view, a living comic book feel.  Except, unlike Diablo, it isn’t just killing.  There are excellent, challenging puzzles that are really amusing.

Also good, it cost somewhere around fifteen bucks and you can just download it onto your machine.  So do it.  Great game, great fun.

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