Lust, Caution

Bad title, good movie.  Really good, in fact.  Compelling, surprising, brutally honest.  Ang Lee directs the insanely appealing Wei Tang in a story of sex and espionage in World War II-era Shanghai.

On one level, this is just a modern reworking of Hitchcock’s masterpiece Notorious, but it does go deep into the human psyche and get at something different and new.

Be warned, the sex scenes are as graphic as they can possibly be – and long!  I found myself reminded of the endless puppet sex scene in Team America and I started thinking, “I get it.  They’re screwing.  Let’s move on.”  But maybe I’m just getting old.

Anyway, the story’s really good and, in fact, the sexiest scene in the movie has Wei Tang singing to her lover, both fully clothed.  Go figure.

In Chinese, with sub-titles.

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