Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

I wanted to play this game before I played the excellent sequel, but when I popped it into my PS3, it froze on the third or fourth scene.  This was apparently a fairly common problem but if you’ve got an internet hookup, the PS3 now automatically downloads an update that fixes it.

If you’ve played the second one, the graphics here aren’t quite as mind-blowing, but the game play is just as good.  My biggest complaint:  too many massive gunfights make some of the levels a bit same-y.  About halfway through, I learned how to play them more strategically, which did make them more fun as well.  Still, I could’ve done with a bit more variation level to level.

Other than that, there’s lots of Indiana Jones-style treasure hunting fun to be had with top-flight dialogue by Naughty Dog writer/director Amy Hennig, plus an excellent cast led by Nolan North, Richard McGonagle and Emily Rose who is actually far more beautiful in real life than her animated avatar.

Go figure.

Anyway, a good game, a bit monotonous at times, but generally fun and worth playing through to the end.

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  • Eddie

    I never thought I would begin playing video games but this game and the sequel got me hooked. Just a lot of fun without any liberal subtext.
    I don’t know if you’ve played the Assassins Creed games yet ,but the anti Christian plot is mind numbing, which I wouldn’t really care about they have a right to make any game they want, but in the beginning of the game they make a point of stating that the game was made by people of various faiths. Well unless I’ve missed the entire point of Christianity no practicing Christian I know would have made a game like that.

  • http://twitter.com/DannyFromWI DJ DeMent

    Well i’d have to disagree a bit with you there, as the plot isn’t anti-Christian much at all. It’s a lot more anti-Secret Society, which the Templars wound up being. Also, they were working with Muslims and even the native Jews to bring about their plans. Altair even seeks the aid of the Christian King Richard in tracking them down and in the end… well, the main enemy wasn’t exactly the Christians after all. And in the second, it’s a lot more of a “What if” scenario dealing in modern mythology, “time before time” and a race of Ancients and all that.