Christianity Today Loves Identity Man

An extremely nice review for The Identity Man from the excellent magazine Christianity Today.

Don’t start this novel unless you have plenty of time to keep reading. Yes, as the title suggests, it probes the meaning of identity (and shows why a lot of fashionable ideas about “identity” are destructively wrong), but Andrew Klavan prompts us to think afresh about this subject by telling a story that won’t let go. Fast-paced, savvy, violent, laced with allusions to current events and sometimes rising to Swiftian indignation, it is also informed by Christian hope and the astonishing reality of grace.

Can’t find the review online, but the website’s worth looking at anyway.

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  • Bea M. Garcia

    Bro. Andrew knocks it out of the park–again! So what’s new! Well done Senor Klavan.