More on the Narrative

Last week, my City Journal piece on the left’s distasteful and dishonest attempt to capitalize on the murders in Tucson made the rounds, a bullet in the hail of new media return fire that forced the lefty wrong-doers into retreat.  Now, as they scuttle back into their dark holes, the left is leaving behind the slimy trail of a new narrative that “both sides” engaged in harsh rhetoric until Barack Obama in a “brilliant speech” brought us all together as a nation.  Whatever.  You were expecting maybe they’d confess and apologize?

Time Saving Truth from Falsehood

All in all, it was–despite last-gasp childish silliness like this from the Guardian and self-serving hogwash like this from the thrice-guilty New York Times–a complete rout for the lying left and a real change from the days in which, say, the murder of President Kennedy by a Communist could be transformed without answer into some mysterious conspiracy fueled by “right-wing hate.”

And lest anyone think foiling the left’s hijacking of “the narrative” isn’t important, reflect on Europe.  For over fifty years now, the chattering classes there have managed to sell the populace the nonsense narrative that the two World Wars that transformed European culture into a ghost were caused by “nationalism.”  Thus they’ve made patriotism a dirty word and a defense of national culture a virtual impossibility.  Likewise, “Religion” has taken the blame for the continent’s 1,500 years of tribal bloodshed, and that nonsense narrative has transformed once-vital Christendom into the dying old man called “Post-Christian Europe.”

It can happen here and it will unless we defend our media and our arts from the left’s lies, from anyone’s lies.

(Oh, and by the way, I frequently hear people hold up Europe, especially Scandinavia, as  a socialist success story.  I don’t believe it.  Europe’s socialism was completely underwritten by our loans and military protection.  It was paid for, in other words, by our once-robust capitalism.  Where it isn’t collapsing under the weight of its greedy unions and unfundable social programs, it has so sapped the people’s vitality that they no longer even reproduce themselves and are simply watching the sunset, waiting for the sharia imperialists to take over.  Some success.)

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  • Lars Walker

    I’ve followed the nationalism debate in Norway for many years now. Norway is in an awkward position, and it’s its own fault. They’ve so far refused to join the EU, and I have to believe that’s because they only achieved national independence a little more than a century ago, and then not long after were subsumed under an earlier “European union”–the Nazi empire. They can’t bring themselves to give up their hard-fought independence after such a short time of freedom, but they can’t find a way to express patriotism with a straight face either. So they dither, culturally. And are gradually subsumed.

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