God to Gervais: No, Really – Thank You!

British Comedian Ricky Gervais ended his reputedly raucous evening of hosting The Golden Globes ceremony Sunday night with the mildly witty remark, “Thank God for making me an atheist.”  I can’t help but reflect that God might well respond, “No, really, Ricky, thank you.”  The atheism of someone like Gervais – a man who radiates unhappiness and self-hatred – has to be the best thing to happen to religion since the atheism of Bill Maher – a man who radiates unhappiness and self-hatred.  Every time someone like this declares himself an atheist, twenty people must fall to their knees, crying, “Jesus Christ, don’t let me become like THAT guy!”

All these celebrities have to recommend their opinions to us are their personae.  We don’t think they’re particularly smart or insightful or wise or spiritual.  At best, they’re just attractive.  At best, we want to be like them or at least want them to like us.  That’s the only reason I can think of we would want to take any of their opinions as our own.

But who wants to be more like Ricky Gervais or Bill Maher?  Who wants Ricky Gervais or Bill Maher to like them?  Rather, while their atheism doesn’t constitute a proof of God’s existence, it certainly could be added on to the long list of “Reasons to Believe.”

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  • http://twitter.com/ReaganHistory JD Garrett

    Right on the money!

  • http://www.facebook.com/chad.gundersen Chad Gundersen

    Diggin’ it. Well played Andrew.

  • Judy

    Exactly! I just shake my head and move on.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Rick is a great representative of an Atheist… one w/o a militia or jungle fighters thankfully. One with no limits, no guilt, no shackles, a free self loving/loathing atheist not hindered by morals, values, spirit, soul, or final judgement. One that Hollywood outright asked for, raising him up in all the pre-show interviews… one they can say… see, how great a wonderful it is to be an atheist! He can’t be ‘mean spirited’ if he doesn’t believe in a spirit! And seeing Tina Fey’s expression during the monologue… was just pure gold… finally getting what she dishes… I must say 3 hail mary’s for my sinful joy in her suffering. Make it 4.

  • Coz

    I think the ‘mean spirited’ comment from Downey Jnr about him was merited. The unctuous gushing by over his performance by Breitbart only confirmed my suspicians about the Breitbart media.

  • Jraeside

    I really liked Ricky as host for GG. He is a very brave, smart man!! I feel bad for all the backlash he’s getting it is so undeserved. With headline calling him “merciless” and “unacceptable.” Why because a bunch of self absorbed actors can’t take a joke and what he said about HFPA was very true!! At least he has the balls to say it out loud. Ricky Rules!!

  • http://twitter.com/KennyKemp Kenny Kemp

    I’ve thought this for a long time, Andrew. True happiness is the province of belief. I know of no believers who hate athiests; mostly, we just feel sorry that when they’re sitting on a mountaintop, all they see is the long climb down.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_53YAPDXSTIGEDINDXF46CAB7ZY voted against carter

    It just goes to prove the adage, “yes, there IS a GOD, AND he has a sense of humor”.

    Oh, and just for the record, he WAS hilarious in his put down of the hollyWOOD elite.

    Just say’n.

  • http://twitter.com/tjic tjic

    Well said; I read an interview with Gervais in an in-flight magazine where he talked about his atheism, and I thought “what a horrible horrible ad for atheism – his palpable misery and bitterness would turn me off from buying a pair of pants from the guy, let alone a world view”.

  • Kyle Broderick

    Have you seen Gervais’ film, “The Invention of Lying?” It’s an interesting film; one that I think indicates his worldview; in some ways more than he might have intended. If it is, then many of his main beliefs are quite clearly paradoxical, historically underrepresented, and mostly illogical. To the typical atheist (and I think this includes Gervais), Science is the new god that isn’t that pesky invisible guy that demands things, so it is probably anathema to call his assumptions about the world “unscientific.” But they really are if you start to break down his implied arguments in the film. I’m working on a worldview analysis of the film right now, but it keeps growing on me. You should definitely check it out.

  • Mas

    Probably everyone outside America fount Gervais funny.

  • Mas

    Ignorant fundamentalist Americans thinks their oh so great country stands for freedom. That is, unless you say you are non-religious.
    Result is, even smart people with degrees from top universities have to pretend to be believers when they want to get into politics.

  • Mas

    He knew this comment would spark outrage in fundamentalist America, that’s the reason why he said it.
    Probably everyone in the educated world finds this funny, since you hear a lot of ignorant Americans thanking Jesus and God, which is considered ridiculous in Europe. Here even many politicians can safely say they are atheists, since it is nothing bad (as in America), because an atheist is more likely to be reasonable and not acting following some ridiculous “beliefs” which are different from religion to religion.

  • Plaidp

    “a free self loving/loathing atheist not hindered by morals, values, spirit, soul, or final judgement”

    The threat of “final judgement” doesn’t seem to work very well for Christians – does it. The Pope covers up child abuse.

    “Not hindered by morals” – really? Where did you drag that from. Most atheists I know are more “moral” than Christians. They don’t send their kids to church to be indoctrinated in bogus garbage. Atheists are UNDER REPRESENTED in jails – if you hadn’t noticed, but then Christians seem to have trouble grasping facts.

    When we are at the top of a mountain we see the beauty of what has been created by erosion. We reflect on the idiocy of creationists like Ken Ham who thought it was just dumped there.

    How clueless are you people.

  • Ralph

    Sounds like you’re jealous he got invited to host and you didn’t. Sorry it bothers you that he’s 10 times as funny and successful as you.

  • Rum

    on a brick wall in ‘graffity type’ scrawl:
    god is dead

    fred is dead

  • Rum

    sorry..credit to the brilliant benny hill

  • Tommather1990

    i love how so many Christians are so judgmental of other people

  • DeMas

    No, but what they do find funny is the fact that you don’t seem to know how to spell or articulate your words clearly.

  • Plaiderp

    “Most atheists I know are more “moral” than Christians.”
    Then you don’t know any real Christians.  In fact, you have no real grasp on what morality is.
    ” They don’t send their kids to church to be indoctrinated in bogus garbage.”
    No, they just keep their kids at home teaching them they’re OWN bogus garbage.  Hey, at least when your kids go out and commit acts of a heinous nature the won’t be burdened with being a hypocrite.
    “Atheists are UNDER REPRESENTED in jails”
    And you know this because you know the personal lives of everyone in jail, right?  Of course if someone in jail says they’re a Christian, then they must definitely be one, following Christian guidelines, right?  They couldn’t possible lie about such things…

    Get over your self-righteous BS and get a grasp on reality.