Those who object to graphic nudity, hideous over-the-top gore or mindless stupidity had best avoid this film – but I have to confess, it made me laugh.  A remix of a 1978 Roger Corman Jaws ripoff, it’s also a general parody of all those old 70′s horror flicks like Frogs, Sssssss and, ultimately, Jaws itself in which nature rose up to take revenge on humanity, hopefully in the person of scantily-clad young girls.

"I'm on a strict diet of naked women."

Past-their-prime actors from Richard Dreyfus to Ving Rhames to Elisabeth Shue turn up good-naturedly here to fight the savagely ridiculous fish that have invaded Lake Victoria Arizona just as a gazillion college kids have arrived for spring break.

I know, I know – don’t I have anything better to do?  But, as I say, it’s funny, and even includes a fairly subtle parody of the way these movies tell sexual morality tales at the same time they titillate you with naked babes.  Anyway, you’ve been warned.  And if you object to my even mentioning the thing, please take your complaints to John Nolte at Big Hollywood.  He lured me into watching this and it’s all his fault and now I need a government program to help me recover from the trauma.

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  • http://twitter.com/totomovies Christian Toto

    It might sound easy to make a great B movie, but it’s not. This one qualifies. Talk of a sequel is disheartening. Shocked it fared so poorly at the box office. Extra points for casting Shue – my crush continues unabated.

  • Compmom769

    Lake Victoria, AZ eh? Did you know there is only one natural lake in AZ? Stoneman Lake, south of Flagstaff. That makes the movie even funnier if you know the geography.

  • Bea M. Garcia


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    Some lakes disappear because of human development factors. The shrinking Aral Sea is described as being “murdered” by the diversion for irrigation of the rivers feeding it.