FrontPage Me

Dr. Jamie Glazov, who does a great job over at David Horowitz’s FrontPage Magazine, does a likewise great job interviewing yours truly in one of his new FrontPage Close-up series of interviews with incredibly brilliant people.  And, er, me. Here’s Part One:

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  • Elwin Ransom
  • Dt_truitt

    Great observations on B.O. there toward the end- how it scares one that he doesn’t really understand how average people think. I believe that it goes a little deeper- having read Dreams From My Father, I think it’s pretty obvious that the dude doesn’t even know who he is. His world view looks like an acquired thing, at variance with authentic human existence (that whole being made in the image of our Creator and inhabiting a fallen world thing). As you say, finding out that his world view does not square with the practicalities of governing a large nation, he now has nowhere to turn. A project for the Identity Man, I suppose.

    BTW, the good folks at FrontPage should invest in a couple wireless mics. Poor sound in an otherwise interesting interview.

  • Dt_truitt

    Oh yeah- I liked that little gem about the pace of thrillers- life is short, so if you’re going to write a thriller, you have to move things along quickly. I liked The Identity Man. A lot. Can’t wait for the last installment of the Homelanders.