Broadside: Why America Must Not Follow Europe

I have recommended the Encounter Books’ Broadside series before, but allow me to recommend it again.  There’s a new one coming out in about a week that’s just terrific:  Why America Must Not Follow Europe by Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan.  It’s 49 pages, reads smoothly and elegantly, makes its argument soundly and backs it up with facts.  The next time some leftist says to you, “But socialism works in Europe,” in that, you know, sneery-whiny voice leftists have (all right, I’m joking), you can take out this book and make them eat it page by page.  (Still joking.  Sort of.)

Anyway, here’s a small portion:

“Britain is linked to the U.S., and to the wider Anglosphere, by ties of history and geography, commerce and law, blood and speech.  Indeed, as a British politician, I see the American republic as a repository of our traditional freedoms.  The political philosophy that became British liberalism and that found political expression in the common law, in the Magna Carta, and in the bill of Rights found its fullest and most sublime expression in the old courthouse of Philadelphia.  Britain, as a result of its unhappy membership in the European Union, has now surrendered a large part of its birthright.  But our freedoms live on in America.”

Really, pre-order it now.  Six bucks for writing and reasoning like that – less on Kindle.  Cheap at the price.

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