It’s a Mad, Mad, Madison World

I’m working both on writing a new novel for adults and preparing a final draft of my new young adult novel – plus turning out my Klavan on the Culture segments for PJTV – plus other stuff, so if it seems I’m blogging less – and less extensively – on culture and politics, it’s true, I am.

I do want to take a moment to say this, though.  I think the Democrats have very badly miscalculated.  I think Barack Obama’s cowardly budget, which ultimately deals with exactly none of the crisis-proportion debt facing the nation and which, if I had to guess, was meant to entice Republicans into making the first budget-cutting move so he could attack them for heartlessness in his bid for re-election, is based on a disdain for the populace – a sense of their ignorance and stupidity – that is wholly misguided.  Leftists over 60 may still think the networks and the New York Times are giving them the news, but most of the rest of the people have woken up and begun gathering facts on their own.  They know they’ve been taken to the cleaners by leftist power-hunters.  They know why Governor Scott Walker is taking on the public sector unions in Wisconsin and why Governor Chris Christie is doing it in Jersey.  They know who the thugs and racists and haters are – and they aren’t the tea partiers – really not at all – but these union leeches who trade on our good will toward teachers and other public servants to bleed the public purse and hold our elected officials hostage – and the leftist pols who live in their pockets.

I think Walker’s going to win this fight in Wisconsin…  and then I think the rest of the states will follow suit…  The right has the facts with them, they have the truth with them, and they have the people with them.  The Democrats only answer has been to run away.

Which raises the question:  why do they call them Democrats if they don’t believe in democracy?

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  • Dt_truitt

    I wrote a book of short stories in Madison in a previous life. Talk about stuck in the 60′s. What a depressing place. Too bad. It has great topography.

  • Mrbee3209

    why do they call them Democrats if they don’t believe in democracy?

    The Democrats are normally very democratic. The Democratic machine is based on setting up a majority from paid off special interests. The 51 percent getting the wealth of the other 49 percent. Aka “Spreading it around”.