Not much to say about this action thriller.  It’s just plain fun start to finish.  It’s based on the 2001 “Crazy Eights” incident in Ohio in which railroad workers battled to stop runaway train CSX 8888 carrying hazardous materials.  In this version, the train is 777 and in Pennsylvania, the action’s amped up and all the railway workers look strangely like movie stars…  but, you know, it’s a movie.

The film has got perfect pacing, modeled on the pace of the accelerating train I’d guess.  There are terrific, likeable performances from last-movie-star-standing Denzel Washington, and Star Trek’s Chris Pine, who shows he’s more than just a Handsome Dan.  Somehow, too, the whole picture, Directed by Tony Scott, has a really good attitude that’s hard to describe.  Moral without being sententious, respectful of its working Joe characters, celebratory of the heroism of the individual.  Cool.

Anyway, it’s rated PG-13 so I guess there’s a bit of language in it, but otherwise it’s something the whole family can enjoy.  When people say that, they usually mean the kids will like it, but no, I think this one’s good for adults as well.

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