I Heart The Tea Party

Just got back from Phoenix, Arizona where, along with PJTV’s Bill Whittle and Joe Hicks, I spoke to the Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit. I have to say, if there were no such thing as Evangelical Christians, the tea partiers would be the single most slandered and mistreated people in America. Never – with the exception of evangelicals – has the disparity between the coverage of a group of people by the mainstream media and the reality about those people been so divergent. Check out this excellent report from our friends at the Media Research Center comparing how the media covers the tea party with how they cover the unions in Wisconsin.  Rich Noyes and Scott Whitlock do a tremendous job of exposing the hypocrisy and dishonesty of the networks.

Anyway, our speeches went well.  Whittle rocked the house as he so often does, and Hicks was the bastion of common sense and clear-headedness PJTV viewers have come to know and love.  I did my best to explain some of the intellectual theories that the left uses to allow them to lie about and slander and sometimes entirely silence the opposition.

I talked about Post Modern theories which hold that there is no such thing as truth in human affairs only competing narratives.  These ideas explain in part why the media feels justified in reporting on any racist comment that comes out of the tea party and none of the virulent racism that surrounds the union demonstrations:  the tea party “narrative” is racist even if the people and their cause and their opinions aren’t racist in the least.

“Now, this is very high-level intellectual material,” I told the crowd, “and I know you’re just a bunch of knuckle-dragging, Bible-thumping tea partiers who might not be able to understand its subtlties.  And some of you may be asking in your simple, silly way, ‘Hey, what’s the difference between post-modernism and lying?’”

What, indeed?

The speech isn’t online that I see, but here’s an interview Joe did with Bill and me.

Anyway, great crowd, great organization, great weekend.  Not to be uncivil, but network news reporters should be killed and eaten.

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  • Les

    I agree partially with your comment that the alphabet network news reporters should be killed… but not eaten. Too many empty calories in those empty suits… Also, not to be uncivil…

  • Essem

    Although I myself have been the cause of some grief to my kinfolk, I have to say that it would be a crisis for me if any of my nieces and nephews either a. married into the Religion of Peace or b. became a journalist.