Novel: The Crooked Man

For lovers of classic noir fiction this is an interesting entry with some excellent elements.  Irish writer Philip Davison delivers the tale of Harry Fielding, a British operative often assigned to do the dirty work needed to keep MP’s in line or out of trouble.  Fielding’s a shabby little man in a shabby little job, but his perspective changes when one of the men he’s following commits a murder and he’s stuck with cleaning up the mess.

Actually, Fielding witnesses two murders – and that’s part of the problem with the book.  The plotting is unrealistic to the point of being downright strange as if Davison were more concerned with his themes than his story.  When he keeps the tale in line, his odd, stark style is pretty riveting and his character a good one.  When it goes off the rails…  it’s just plain weird .

Not as good as Ice Harvest or A Simple Plan, but for fans of that sort of thing.

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