Tea Party Patriots Video

This is a bit complicated, but anyone interested in watching my speech to the Tea Party Patriots in Phoenix can hit this link–then scroll to the section marked “Saturday Night Culture Panel.”  Bill Whittle and Joe Hicks go first and I’m last.  When there’s an easier video to link to or embed, I’ll pop it up here.

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  • Ed Lee

    Excellent speech, Mr. Klavan. I intend to steal most of it to win the Facebook debates I seem to keep having with my lefty cousins, so thanks!

  • Bea M. Garcia

    Mr. Klavan,
    Finally able to order Identity man from my local library.
    Will send my review (know you are just dying to hear it!) when I finish the blockbuster.
    Keep rocking the boat & fighting the good fight.

  • http://www.partybox.co.uk/ Kevin

    There ain’t no party like Andrew Klavan’s tea party!