Write Wing Righters

The estimable David Forsmark over at FrontPage Magazine’s NewsReal Blog has a cool two part list of literary fictional heroes who are not, to use David Mamet’s apt phrase, “brain dead liberals.” Although David gives me a kindly mention, I don’t make the list because I don’t usually write repeating heroes and I’m not identified with any one character (although, of course, personally I identify with that rock guy from the Fantastic Four). This is true and fair enough, given the parameters of the list. As a point of pride, however, I do want to say that one of my very few repeating characters, Scott Weiss from my Weiss/Bishop trilogy, is seen to have a copy of Sean Hannity’s “Let Freedom Ring” on the pile of books by his bedside table. As I obsequiously told Hannity one of the few times we met: “The heroes of my books read your books.”

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  • gn

    I love Hannity, but I have to ask – has he ever actually *listened* to the lyrics of “Independence Day”? As near as I can see, it’s about a psycho who torches herself and her husband because she’s afraid to leave him, dooming her kid to a string of foster homes and lord knows what fate.

  • Gary

    I would LOVE it, Andrew, if you would revisit the Bishop/Weiss novels. I realize you’ve created an arc with the trilogy, but those remain the favorite in your repertoire.

  • EssemSF

    Ronald Regan made a similar mistake by making Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” his 1984 campaign song. It wasn’t a celebration of American identity, but a condemnation of US treatment of Vietnam vets!