KOC: Project Klavitas VS PBS

Never let it be said that PJTV’s Klavan on the Culture doesn’t engage in serious investigative journalism.  It doesn’t – but never let it be said.  In fact, not to be outdone by guerilla filmmaker James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, today KOC proudly launches Project Klavitas and unveils our first unbelievable video sting – this one against Public Broadcasting!  And okay, sure, we freely confess that O’Keefe has already tackled those pompous clowns.  But not like this, my friends.  Not.  Like.  This.

Justin Folk (not his real name) does the hidden camerawork.

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  • Motaylor

    Oh my word!!! I’ve been using that evolution argument for years… take it to its logical conclusion and Europeans should have wiped out the Indians, not let them build casinos. (I don’t believe this… but evolutionists should). This is the first public figure I’ve heard point out the fallacies of liberal “thought”.