DVD: Faster

Hey, maybe I missed something about this – I mean, it got absolutely hammered by the critics, but I liked it!  Good, mindless entertainment, fast, violent, smart, and exceptionally well directed.

Dwayne Johnson, who used to be The Rock, or possibly vice versa, plays Driver, a driver, who gets out of prison after ten years and immediately sets out to avenge the murder of his brother.  Billy Bob Thornton is the drug-addicted cop who has to stop him.  And Carla Gugino is miscast as another cop, only cute…  in fact, a whole lot cuter than most cops.

What sets this apart is the storytelling style, condensed to the point of shorthand while retaining a sort of hardboiled plausibility and cool.  In fact, the title must refer to the directing because otherwise it means nothing!  Anyway, a really, really good job by director George Tillman Jr., who previously directed Men of Honor, a stirring but standard military biopic.  I thought this film showed genuine intelligence and originality.

Maybe the critics know something I don’t, but with a glass of scotch and a crime film like this on DVD, I’m a happy guy.  And I’m kidding about the critics.  They don’t know jack.

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  • http://twitter.com/tai_pan chris

    yes! I loved this too. praise be to netflix and dvd (blu-ray) rental

  • Bea M. Garcia

    Saw it at the pictures in London where it is still paying on the big screen.
    A few observations, if I may.
    Dang, either I’ve seen the most-impressive make-up job ever or Tom Berenger looks like he was hit by a truck.
    Mr. Jackson-Cohen (What a name!) He is a cutie pie for sure. Thin as a rail. He needs a few pastrami sandwiches.
    Maggie Grace will always be Shannon Rutherford to me.
    Carla Gugino may be one of the most-beautiful, curvy women in Hollywood. It is good to see her playing a clever lady. Not sure her career would survive Watchmen. If it survives Sucker Punch aka Groin Kick, we know the good Lord is looking on her with great favor.
    Billy Bob Thorton appears to have been hit by the same truck that hit Tom Berenger. Dude, he looks awful. But again, it could be just great Hollywood make-up.
    The title is a mystery. Here are some alternate titles:
    Man Who Drives Cool Car
    Man Who Loves To Burn Rubber
    Cool Car / Big Gun
    The Silent Man with Big Gun & Cool Car
    The redemption part of the story is lovely but the movie is extremely bloody & violent.
    Mr. Klavan, I did not enjoy it with Whiskey (which I only use for baking) but think the movie would have been better if Driver was a bit more human.
    All in all, I thought the movies was watchable and even enjoyable. It is no Lincoln Lawyer but the insidious violent gore is unnecessary and overkill.