Film: “Hereafter”

Great director (Clint Eastwood), attractive cast (led by Matt Damon), talented screenwriter (Peter Morgan), interesting subject (uh, death) – and none of it works.  That’s showbiz.

Interminable Darkness - and that's just the movie!

I hate to blame the screenwriter for anything because I know from experience that he has little say in what finally makes it to the screen.  But whoever’s responsible, the problem here is the plot.  A number of people have a close encounter with death and eventually come for resolution to a man with a gift for communicating with the dead.  I don’t know if death goes on forever, but the movie seems to.  It’s just not a very interesting storyline.

In the middle of the picture, however, there’s a little romance between the ghost whisperer played by Damon and a girl played by the wildly appealing Dallas Bryce Howard.  He’s trying to stop messing around with spiritualism, she wants to keep her secrets to herself.  Now that’s a good story!  Should’ve been the whole picture.  Instead it just tails off to nothing – and nothing else in the movie is half as gripping.  Too bad.

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  • Bea M. Garcia

    Why? What has happened to my dear Mr. Eastwood.

    Why would he make such a stinker?

    Yes, yes, I know, everybody has a mortgage.

    I get it.