KOC: Barack the Magic Suit

Today, boys and girls, PJTV’s Klavan on the Culture presents a tale of enchantment, a fabulous story about a glorious place where whatever you think should be true is true.  And who should be president of such a fantastical land?  You guessed it.  Barack the Magic Suit.  Here’s how it all happened–once upon a time…

Animation by Justin the Magic Folk.

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  • Wemedge

    Ha-Ha-Ha! Love it! You ever consider doing a kid’s book?

  • Unclealfie

    Yedah, as if the teacher’s union would ever allow it in a classroomn.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeffery-T-Wappelhorst/746880122 Jeffery T. Wappelhorst

    How true.

  • Essem

    Speaking of imagination, I am building a fantasy administration in my head, sort of my own rightwing East Wing. Victor Davis Hanson is Chief of Policy. I am considering you as Press Secretary…

  • Javapoppa

    I would add John Bolton as Secretary of State and Steve Forbes at Treasury.

  • Otto

    You just don’t understand him. You have to give him more of a chance. Or–don’t you believe him? Everyone in New York City does, except for two or three curmudgeons. I do. I believe the budget deficit will be near zero in no time. And ObamaCare will make health insurance for everyone nearly free. You just aren’t being fair.