The Minds of Conservatives & Liberals

Here’s a wisely skeptical article over at PsychCentral’s Therapy Soup about yet another one of those studies showing that liberals’ brains are different than those of conservatives.

According to what is known about the functions of those two brain regions, the structural differences are consistent with some reports showing a greater ability of liberals to cope with conflicting information and a greater ability of conservatives to recognize a threat.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I share Richard Zwolinski’s deep suspicions over such studies.  But primarily, I link to this because I’m the picture used to illustrate conservatism – me, that is, and Ronald Whatsisname and Milton Someone-or-other.  Also, you’ll be happy to know that while I was on the same page with Che Guevara, I wrote “kick me” on the back of his beret.

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  • Yes They Doesn’t

    JJust for curiosity, Andrew, can you identify when you became a conservative? Was it an inside-out realization? Did you already think the way you think and just found out it in what box your thoughts would fit? Or was it outside-in? Did you have to study the options and choose one?

  • Anonymous

    Good article, but not general enough. The other shoe should have been dropped as science has been politicized and these “studies” are just a small portion of it.

    As a physics major, when I first heard of post modernist thought at university, it seems apparent to me the radicals were attempting to undermine the bulwarks of western science. I’m shocked at how successful they’ve been at it.

  • King Harold the Saxon

    I used to be a liberal and then turned conservative. Did something happen to my brain?

  • Bea M. Garcia

    A wisely skeptical article for sure. My entire family is highly intelligent & very conservative (redundant?) Is DNA involved? Only the good Lord knows for sure.

    I live in the UK & my very best friend, Sienna, was as liberal as you can get. One of those silly Europeans who think Americans are dumb, dumber & dumbest. After 7 years of friendship, she is a now a conservative. Yippeee! I assure you her brain has not changed.

    Like most honest people, her mind was changed when every liberal/leftist/elitist argument she threw at me was refuted with facts (especially the Bible) & clear logic.

    Those on the left think they are better than everybody else. They even think they are better than God & His WORD.

    Conservatives & truth tellers everywhere should continue to speak to whosoever will listen. There are many more Siennas out there.

  • Margaret Evans

    I wrote about this topic a few years ago. Thanks for reminding me! Just went back for a reread, and I stand by those thoughts still…