Pass These On and Help a Marine

Here are a couple of star-studded and very moving Public Service Announcements – beautifully written and directed by my friend Jonathan Flora – urging marines and their families to get help if post-service distress is pushing them toward self-destruction.  I’ve never been in combat but I have been to the edge, and I can testify:  a life more beautiful than you even dare to hope for may be waiting for you if you reach out and get help.  We love our defenders so much and are so grateful to them, we don’t want to lose a single one, over there or here.  Watch the vids and pass them around.



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  • Bea M. Garcia

    Thanks Andrew.

  • Margaret Evans

    These are wonderful, Andrew. I met Jonathan back in February when he was here in Beaufort, SC to receive an award at our Film Festival. (The first annual Santini Award for Patriotism in filmmaking.) He was honored for his documentary about the Lt. Dan Band, which played here last fall at our annual Shrimp Festival. (Yes, Beaufort’s a military town – home to Parris Island – AND a shrimping town. Gotta love it!) Anyway, he is a delightful man and these PSAs are lovely…