Klavan to GLAAD: Drop Dead!

Let me preface this by saying, as I often have, that I respectfully and even lovingly disagree with many of my fellow conservatives and Christians on the matter of homosexuality. I think gays are part of God’s good creation, and whatever their individual private sins, they are between each of them and God and have absolutely nothing to do with me or anyone else.  I have thought this since my youth and think it still.

That said… As everyone knows by now, Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant was fined 100 grand and the entire team was forced to make obeisance to the Gay and Lesibian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) after Bryant said “f—- faggot” about a ref who teed him up during the last six minutes of a game.

In my humble opinion, the Lakers should’ve told GLAAD to go to hell. I would like to here go on record as being officially sick to death of professional busybodies and tiresome prigs like GLAAD and NOW and all the rest telling people what they can think and say. Who appointed GLAAD the official representatives of gay people? Even if they were, who gave gay people the right to be loved or even respected? If Kobe Bryant lets off steam in the heat of battle with a slur, who on earth really gives a damn or thinks it affects the state of gay people in America? Only GLAAD, whose sole purpose on earth is to take umbrage. Well, let them get on with it and to hell with them.

Bryant made all the usual apologies – but what if he hadn’t? What if he had said: “Hey, sorry, I just don’t like gay people?” What if he feels they’re sick or sinful or just kind of weird and icky? Whose business is that? Why does GLAAD or even the NBA have any right to force him to change his private opinions? If the NBA wants to fine him on grounds of language, okay, I guess, but surely bad language gets spoken on such occasions all the time. Why make a point of this except to kow-tow to the GLAAD bullies.

The Lakers and the NBA should have had the guts to say something like, “Bryant used bad language during a heated moment. This happens a lot. That language doesn’t represent our organizations but what can you do? Take it up with Bryant.” And Bryant should have then told them to take a walk.

Someone needs to stand up to the PC thugs – to the whole system of thought policing by gays or by anyone. It is turning us into a nation of old ladies. Oh wait – is that derogatory toward old ladies? Well, to hell with them too!

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  • http://twitter.com/vastrwingschrad Diane Schrader


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  • http://pascalfervor.blogspot.com/ Pascal (the derivative)

    GLAAD can do any friggin thing they want. It’s the institutionalized PC that has been destroying this country.

    And, if you really want to put a stop to it, Mr. Klavan, add your considerable voice to mine. Stop using the definition of PC as Politically Correct. What it represents is Poltical Cowering on demand.
    Kobe and the Lakers were Politically Cowed.
    And the whole lot of us who do not demand an end to this censorship by another name are POLITICAL COWARDS.

    Join with me Mr. Klavan. Your discourse here suggests you are already mostly there.
    From now on call it Political Cowering, and all those who submit call Political Cowards.

  • Anonymous

    Unhappily, the exact same ritual has been repeated for a long time with the standard hierarchy of victims: Afro-Americans, Hispanics, Women, Gays and now Muslims.

    The solution, of course is for some astute and influential social commentators to produce a few documentary shows like “60 Minutes” and “Frontline” showing how this extortion racket is counterproductive to real rights – not to mention freedom of speech.

    Oh, wait. Those influential arbiters of public opinion are the ones actually cheerleading for this type of PC demogogery as it’s in line with their cultural marxism and works to undermine western culture.

    Never mind.

  • S. G.


    You wrote: “I respectfully and even lovingly disagree with many of my fellow conservatives and Christians on the matter of homosexuality. I think gays are part of God’s good creation, and whatever their individual private sins, they are between each of them and God and have absolutely nothing to do with me or anyone else.”

    1. Are you saying that homosexual behavior is part of Go’s creation or just that all individuals, regardless of whether they engage in homosexual conduct, are part of God’s creation?

    2. How does this differ from other conservatives and Christians? (i.e. isn’t that what all Christians believe?)


    S. G.

  • http://pascalfervor.blogspot.com/ Pascal (the derivative)

    Call the show “Victimoguery.”

  • USMaleSF

    Being a gay man myself, yet very much out of sympathy with the political and social attitudes of a lot of my “compatriots”, I find this PC ritual in all its forms (as rufus3698 pointed out) …what’s the right word? Pathetic. Unmanly. Orwellian. Degenerate.

    People call each other names. Always have, always will. And there’s no point in calling someone a name that will NOT bother them. In a better world, Bryant would have called the ref a faggot and then the ref would have called him a nigger. The coaches would have broken things up and that would have been that. Maybe later on the two guys would have apologized to each other in private for losing their cool.

    Instead we have the unofficial secular Inquisition swooping down for the ritual of accusation, penance and good works in reparation. It’s such BS. It would be a sign of societal health if we went back to duelling with pistols or swords.

  • Larry

    It was about to be on like Donkey Kong up in here untill I read the beginnign of your post. Now, I am disarmed. I don’t even feel like agrguing with you. I don’t agreee with the rest of what you said, but I am content to let you have your own opinion without feeling the need to respond to it

  • http://ixthye.blogspot.com/ EriK

    I am glad that you certainly seem perfectly gentlemanly about your beliefs re: homosexuality, and as long as holding your views doesn’t threaten your faith then it is well, because one’s beliefs about whether homosexuality is natural or not (for example) does not directly affect one’s salvation.

    I would simply caution you, though, if you come to the conclusion that acceptance of homosexuality (which, admittedly, you’ve chosen your words carefully enough so it’s not possibly to claim that you’ve said this, based on this post alone) would undermine Biblical authority, then you should definitely go with God’s Word first and sort out the details afterward.

    Thanks for your short video blurbs, they are an excellent encouragement and useful sound-bites for making a point to someone online.

  • http://mundabor.wordpress.com/ Mundabor

    Mr Klavan,

    the idea that homosexuality be part of God’s good creation is as absurd as the idea that pedophilia might be the same.

    God doesn’t do perversion; Satan does.

    As the condemnation of Sodomy – in the strongest terms – has been a mainstay of Christianity since its inception (when Christians would never have dreamt of deciding what is “part of God’s good creation” and what isn’t, because Christianity itself told them what is what and they simply *accepted* it), your affirmation is obviously not in line with 2000 years of Christianity and is therefore not a matter of lovingly disagreeing with Christians, but of disagreeing with Christ.

    You seem to be a sincere, intelligent Christian. I invite you to think to its end your pledge of allegiance to Christianity. It can’t be that Christ was the Son of God and God Himself, and that He has allowed Christianity to have the wrong concept of sexual relations for these last 2000 years, and since inception.

    To be a Christian means to accept, nay, to embrace Christian values. This means that when these values **appear ** to be wrong to us it is up to us to work in ourselves and to discover their rightoeusness, not that we can decide to pick and choose which values we want to accept.

    I liked your video about “how to behave during an islamic massacre” so much that I made of it a blog post.

    Again, I invite you to reflect that you can’t be a Christian and think that Christianity did it half wrong.

    With esteem