Storms and Mortals

I’m on the road this week and so won’t be blogging much, though there should be a new Klavan on the Culture from the crazies at PJTV up on Thursday.

BTW, I flew into New York from Virginia, through North and South Carolina, on Saturday, the day the big storms hit all those states.  It was, as you can imagine, a pretty hellish journey, including a holding pattern in high winds, a diverted landing, and a final approach into New York that had women screaming and sobbing at the sudden drops and jolts brought on by the likewise screaming winds and heavy rains.  It just occurred to me to send a blog shout-out to all the USAir pilots – to all the pilots – who landed planes safely that day.  When we complain about air travel – as it often deserves – we should yet remember a word of praise for the actual humans doing what is so often excellent work in the cockpits and the cabins.  Otherwise we’d be like the sort of morons who ban ROTC from university campuses while taking the military’s protection of the university for granted.  And we wouldn’t want to sink as low as that! 

Hoorah and thanks to all the good pilots.

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  • Mike Kilian

    Leave it to AK to think of something that should have been obvious to the rest of us. Taken a step further, how many of those pilots acquired their exceptional skills during military service?

  • jewel

    AndrewK., i thought of what you said in your lecture at HorowitzFreedomCenter West-Coast Retreat in L.A. (Basically ) that Europe died after WWII and only vermin and maggots were left eating the carnage. Then British author Martin Amis wrote that “England didn’t matter anymore.” >

    IMHO, Europe and UK have returned to the Dark Ages, and, like in medieval Spain when Muslim Moors conquered its land, setting up an Islamic capital in Cordoba where they ruled the Iberian Peninsula for 7oo years. Is history repeating itself in Europe’s new Dark Ages and will Islam will take hold – again?

    Hopefully, Europe will spawn another Charles “the Hammer” Martel* who “is remembered for winning the Battle of Tours (also known as the Battle of Poitiers) in 732, in which he defeated an invading Muslim army and halted northward Islamic expansion in western Europe.”[7]* and kept Northern Europe and Britain from Islam….. until recently.