KOC: How To Behave During an Islamic Massacre

Does our service to the public never end?  Absolutely not.  That’s why PJTV’s Klavan on the Culture is here again with some sensitivity training, absolutely free.  When pastor-slash-attention-seeking-kook Terry Jones committed the crude and nasty act of burning the Koran, Muslims in Afghanistan responded with thoughtful discussions and debates about the unpleasant edges of free expression…  Whoops, just kidding!  In fact, they cut people’s heads off!  Sort of a different culture, huh.  And you know what that means.  Right!  We have to learn how to treat blood-crazed Islamic madmen with respect and tolerance.  So here are some tips…

Backgrounds by the scimitar-wielding Justin al Folk.

Note:  Although I’m usually careful to refer to violent Muslims as Islamists or jihadists or Islamo-fascists, all the evidence I can gather about the Afghan slaughter suggests that the perpetrators were not, in fact, religiously extreme.

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