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I promised I’d link to the speech I gave on Conservatism in American Fiction at the Horowitz Freedom Center Retreat a few weeks back. Here it is:

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  • USMaleSF

    On the run at the moment, but this is going on my To View list.

  • Jules

    That was so good I had to listen to it a second time.

  • Wemedge

    What can I say? Concise, insightful, eye-opening, educational. Terrific stuff. I’m a Midwesterner from Chicagoland so I appreciate the thoughts about Twain being the first to view America from the West, and the long-overdue praise for and appreciation of Farrell and Bellow. Too bad you can’t split in two and get your doppelgänger hired on as an instructor at the U. of Iowa Writer’s Workshop to redirect our talented young novelists of the future in a more fruitful direction. On the other hand, our best writers were never much interested in MFAs.

  • Anonymous

    Great talk. I once was lucky enough to take a graduate electromagnetics course taught by Nobel Prize winner Julian Schwinger. Your talk reminded me of his ability to put a complex subject into a clear but all encompassing structure.

    Why the hell aren’t you teaching at a top 10 university?

  • Rhonda Keith Stephens

    Most interesting. I’m going to listen to it again. I’d like to differ on Jane Austen, though. She wasn’t simply a novelist of “manners”. She was a Christian and she examined very closely the morality of people’s behavior to each other. She had a sharp eye for character. Also, have you watched the EWTN series, The Search for Shakespeare?

  • Jules

    Edward Said gets to dump all over Western lit but leftists go into a tizzy about Andrews critique of Toy Story 3 & The Dark Knight. This lecture should leave no doubts as to the quality of Andrew’s scholarship

  • Rick

    Absolutely brilliant my friend. I wish you were teaching at a major university. Never let them shut you up.

  • JR Lonas


  • Whufflepuppy

    Teaching by “theory” and making sure we forward the propaganda line – so true! And what a quick way to ruin a nascent novelist – not to speak of ruining a culture. Thank you so much, Mr. Klavan

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  • Nathaniel Matychuk

    I watched the whole thing. Excellent. I was also reading No Country For Old Men and finished it just after watching your lecture, I would have to agree with you, good chance Cormac is a conservative. The character of Sheriff Bell struck me to have the voice of the author. Bell’s take on abortion was hilarious and astute.