TV: “The Kennedys”

Call the cops.  Joel Surnow got mugged.  First the usual left wing thugs tried to keep his mini-series The Kennedys off the air.  They succeeded in getting A&E to cancel it but when small-time cabler ReelzChannel took it on, the lefty critics launched their wholly expected and dishonest attacks on the thing, trying to make sure no one watched it.

Left-Wing Television.

I watched it, start to finish.  It was good, really good, really riveting.  I couldn’t stop watching it, in fact.  Great story, fine writing, interesting choices.  Tom Wilkinson was supernaturally brilliant as patriarch Joe.  Greg Kinnear and Barry Pepper were excellent as Jack and Bobby.  And Kristin Booth as Ethel was fresh and compelling.

Some drawbacks.  The budget was low for such an ambitious project and it showed from time to time, especially in the condensed storytelling of the final episodes.  Plus Katie Holmes was lovely but didn’t really have the chops to make Jackie come to life.

But on the whole, it was top-notch TV.  Oh, and it was sympathetic to the Kennedys!  That was the crazy thing about the left’s attempts to censor it.  The show made Jack look good despite his personal flaws.  Bobby came across as something close to saintly.  Even the sometimes monstrous Joe was treated humanely.  The left is so committed to lies they don’t even know when the truth is on their side!

The left has so far succeeded at censoring the Path to 9/11 by preventing its DVD release.  I don’t think they’ll be able to do that with The Kennedys so if you let the critics talk you out of watching, catch it on the rebound.

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  • James Hudnall

    I was amazing how much Greg Kinnear resembled JFK in that show.

  • wjl3

    This was a great show. Plus I learned somethings about the Kennedy’s family. I didn’t realize how much tradgey, 3 sons killed, a death of a child & mental illness of a child. All stemming from the actions of the father. What a lesson for Dads.

  • Chibcha8288

    I watched the series and thought it was much like you described it.  I heard the sex-escapades were more tawdry in real life.  The drugs–well documented, no.  Bobby was a saintly family man who never succumbed to the libidinous indiscretions of this father and brother.  The Cuban Missile crisis was a great victory, appropriately led by JFK.  So what could they possibly be complaining about?