The Racism of the Left

[I originally wrote this post for last week, but pushed it because of the bin Laden killing.  It's no longer strictly topical, but I think it's still true.]

I have to admit I know some individual right wingers who are racist – but leftism is racism.  Only the left, by politics, purpose and philosophy, divides people into racial groups and demands they be treated differently both in ordinary human commerce and under the law.  No conservative I know would consent to such an outrage against justice and morality, no matter what his private feelings might be.

So obsessed with race are leftists – so convinced are they that black people especially are unable to care for themselves as men and women must – that they seek to exempt blacks and other minorities from the normal rigors of competence and good behavior.  Having then disgracefully and destructively  lowered the standards for people with dark skin, they accuse the rest of us of racism simply for treating dark-skinned people the same as we would treat anyone!  A world turned upside down.

Questions about Barack Obama’s birthplace have been long resolved and were resolved yet again when funny-haired blowhard Donald Trump bullied the White House into releasing the president’s long form birth certificate.  Many on the left then railed against so-called birthers as being racist, of all things.  The “racers’” convoluted logic is that demanding Obama’s birth certificate is suggesting that he’s somehow “other” because he’s black.

Like almost all modern charges of racism, this is trash.  The silly preoccupation with the president’s birth is not a reaction to his skin color, it’s a reaction to the left wing media’s reaction to his skin color – which was to give candidate Obama a complete pass on issues that would have derailed any other presidential hopeful and most especially any Republican.  Twenty years in the pews of hate-monger Jeremiah Wright?  Never mind.  Old interviews suggesting Obama is an anti-constitutional socialist?  Nothing to see here.  Cowardly votes of “present,” lies about his associations with Bill Ayres, black holes in his biography?  Rather than investigate, the MSM ran interference for the candidate, turning their ire instead on citizens who asked the sorts of questions they should have been asking all along.

They did this because, one, they supported Obama’s leftist policies and, two, he was black and as the press is left wing – that is to say, racist – they felt he couldn’t be treated as roughly as a white candidate would be.

As a result, a huge portion of the country feels, rightly, that they don’t know this man, that he’s been allowed to keep secrets and preserve mysteries as no president in modern times.  That’s why they’re obsessed with his records.  It’s not right-wing racism.  It’s left-wing racism come home to roost.

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  • EssEm

    The Progressive Left grows from an obsession with the triple issues of race, gender and class. Their answer to white racism (and only white racism is of interest to them) is multiculturalism. But there are two things about that once apparently benign term: at heart, it is about hatred of whites and it requires that all the players keep to their assigned roles in the narrative of oppression and victimization. There are no individuals allowed, only representatives of groups. Blacks must always be morally superior victims, whites morally compromised oppressors. And there is no resolution allowed, or the whole game implodes. “Progress” is simply the re-inscription of the narrative.

  • guest

    andrew klavan manages to blame the ‘birther’ movement on the ‘leftist media’.lol..

  • Wonderall Incognito

    It did start in Democratic circles. See Philip Berg, a Hillary Democrat. Please read up before you make another uninformed comment. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    The “birthers” are irrelevant. Get a life.

    The left thinks they can score political point with this issue. That is what you are doing right now.

  • An Unwelcome Guest

    You don’t treat us as you would treat everyone. If that were the case, then why weren’t Republicans (or anyone) in Congress pushing for a jobs bill for Blacks in 2008 when unemployment was nearly 70% higher for Blacks than the national average? You just called us lazy and went on your merry way. Why is it that issues of say teen pregnancy, education, and poverty are considered “Black Problems”, when amongst Blacks, that conservatives have obligation to help solve, but when they occur amongst Whites, they’re “American Problems”? Black =/= White, White = American, therefor Black =/= American. Nice to be non-American. Should we just drop the pretense and hand in our citizenship?

    What “Lowered Standards” are you talking about? Education? AA has a minimal effect on low to moderately competitive schools. And let us not forget that half the White students who benefit from Alumni Legacy wouldn’t qualify for enrollment in the highest ranking colleges *cough* Bush!*cough*. Most hopeful students lose out to these over-entitled bastards, not to Blacks and Latinos. All of this is besides the point, since Blacks get a richer academic experience at HBCUs in spite of laxer requirements.

    Crime? There are five times more White drug users than Black drug users in America, but when it comes to imprisonment, the numbers are reversed. While Whites are sent home to their mothers, Blacks are sent to prison. And let’s be honest: prison is the last place to send a drug user, unless you want to insure that they stay in prison. But only Whites get the proper response to drug use: rehab. 
    To answer one of the questions your KOC video humorously fails to answer, we support unemployment because we’re not delusional enough to believe that our jobs will always be there. Case in point: the Great Recession. But at the end of the day, we support the Democrats because they don’t despise us as much as Republicans do (for now). Don’t get me wrong, there are racist liberals, but Google Image search presents a lot less images of  Herman Cain-as-an-ape than it does of our current president. They’re a hell of a lot more welcoming than you are(were it not for the 2 party system, I’d likely support neither party).