Moving my Blog

For some reason beyond my comprehension, last week’s news item failed to post.  Basically, it announced that I’d be moving my political/cultural blog from this site back to Pajamas Media’s XPress. There, I’ll re-open my old Klavan on the Culture website and join other PJM XPress bloggers like Victor Davis Hansen, Roger L. Simon, Roger Kimball, Stephen Green, Ed Driscoll and so on.  My hope is that, seeing me in their company, people will think I must be smart too.  A man can dream, can’t he?  I’ll continue to post news about my books and movies and so on here but my rants against the great left wing machine and my reviews and so on will be over there.

Anyway, the move is supposed to take place any day, but we’re working on a few site and contract issues.  I’ll post the link here when it’s ready and I hope you’ll visit me there for more Klavany goodness.

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