Me on Mamet

Here’s my Wall Street Journal review of David Mamet’s new political book, The Secret Knowledge:

“In a celebrated 2008 essay for the Village Voice, David Mamet made the startling announcement that he was “no longer a brain-dead liberal.” I think it only fair to mention here that I rejoiced. Mr. Mamet is a terrific playwright, maybe even a great one (“American Buffalo,” “Glengarry Glen Ross”) and a screenwriter of the first rank (“The Verdict,” “The Untouchables”). That a writer of such talent and stature had become a conservative seemed to me to promise some relief from the soporific political conformity of the American arts.

So I rejoiced—and I also sympathized. Breaking free of leftism while working in show business is like escaping from “The Matrix” only to find oneself in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” You wake to a risky but bracing new reality of individual liberty, limited government and free markets and are instantly beset by zombified statist dreamers determined either to make you rejoin their ranks or to destroy you.”

Read it all here.

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  • Eric Shrugged

    Please look at the comments section of the N.Y. Times interview referred to by Ms. Coulter’s web page.  Mr. Guttfield’s meter must be running so fast one is unable to read the number.  Also, how many times can the word “banal” be used by so many different people?  Was it on the leftist SAYs?