KOC: The One State Solution

Just to show that PJTV’s Klavan on the Culture isn’t all frolicsome hijinks and mirthful merriment, in this edition we take time out to solve the problems of the Middle East.  Completely.  Once and for all.  In under four minutes.  And in a way that will leave you wondering:  Why didn’t anyone ever think of that before?

Explosive visuals by Justin ben Folk.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jamesderuvo James DeRuvo

    It’s not even on PJTV yet.

  • Dantruitt

    Ha-ha-ha!! Brilliant! My wife says, “After all, that’s what Abraham saw. He saw the whole Middle East.” And I only thought that Israel deserves the so-called West Bank. Silly me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelly-Miller-Smith/1463982097 Kelly Miller Smith

    Andrew, don’t you know that apartheid is pronounced “A part hate”.  It’s Afikanner.  The dutch went to South Africa around the time the English settled Jamestown, VA

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5USNUYIL5CTLXKCQCXI6W3OV5A Anonymous

    I wonder if Ms. Smith means “Afrikaans,” which is the language spoken by an “Afrikaner.” 

  • http://www.facebook.com/scottthomasrogers Scott Rogers

    I say the Middle East and Germany.

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  • S Viroslav


  • Anonymous

    This is great. Well-done. I would share this, but my husband warns me that it might be flame bait and I could lose friends forever. But this is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Add in: “Barack Mir A Chinik”

  • LizDexic

    This is the Rodney King proposal. (“Why can’t we all get along?”)

  • Anonymous

    Works for me. Interesting that such a small country like Israel has assimilated so many people from different societies into a small plot of land and the Arab states with so much land in 22 countries can’t assimilate the Palestinians into their vast space. Maybe a change in attitude from their 7th century mentality would be helpful. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/eileen.penta Eileen Chattler Schimmel Midma

    Sounds like a pretty good idea!

  • Jkot

    Mr. A. Klavan,
    as a clown you are excellent!  Your’s “proposal” for ME presents a very “productive” propaganda for milliard Muslims fundamentalist  dreaming  about world-khaliphat.
    As a clown you can be very effcient in politic, perhaps more than N. Homsky.            Jeremiahu.

  • Mabbenhayoun1957


  • Styles


  • Judith

    Bravo. Bravo. Bravo. Is this rocket science? No. Why is the rest of the world so blind?

  • Nornor

    Wow !!!!  How utterly wonderful it would be to have a “One State Solution”.  Great idea.

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  • Jkot

    TO you Nornor & Judith!
    “How utterly wounderful” you both are “so blind” to historicals facts! Try to convince that jihad isn’t an “OneState Solution”.  Jeremiahu.

  • Stephen

    If you lose friends over this post, maybe they aren’t really your friends…

  • Charles Watts

    This is pure racist lunacy.

  • Cheerup914

    Works for me too.  Best solution I have heard.

  • MJP

    I love the Chutzpah there at the end!

    If it weren’t for Jews we Americans wouldn’t have the Federal
    Reserve, the world wouldn’t have the World Bank, and one ounce of gold
    would still be worth 35 USD.

    Unfortunately too many non-Jews watching this video will take the
    debt reference all too seriously… which is exactly why Jews DO run

  • Anonymous

    This man is oblivious to the fact that Israel is one of the strongest military powers in the world, technology-wise. They also have nuclear weapons. If their army, the IDF, is too immature to use this technology effectively to defend themselves against rockets than maybe Israel should focus on training them.

    Otherwise stop crying wolf and playing the victim and pulling out the “A” card anytime somebody criticizes its actions. This man’s video ignores everything and pretends that Israel is an innocent when Israel is the country with the Samson Option. Any nation who would cowardly punish innocent people upon threatened is an agent of evil. Israel is not a friend of the USA. There is also a ton of evidence, although circumstantial, that Israel was involved heavily in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They either knew about it, let it happen to try an blame on their enemies (as they did in Beiruit in 1982), or they carried it out. The latter cannot be proven yet. The former arguably most certainly can. 

    The USA is in debt because of this psychotic country and their nuclear blackmail upon the West. Plus we give them $3 billion in aid annually. Who is this guy anyway? Where does he live? North Virginia? He’s an American? How dare he say such anti-American things. Get out of our country so when Israel falls, you fall with it.

  • Anonymous

    Well it’s amazing what being a psychopath and having nuclear weapons and threatening to use them will do. It also helps to have racists like yourself in tow. Go move to Israel so when we kill all the Zionists that you are included.

  • Strandedonearth

    Its hard to believe you really believe all those lies …

  • Lesliefayer

    that is what the hell you think….murdering scum

  • Davidishalom1

    Hilarious, genious, and a prophecy too, when the Jews lead the Middle East this satire will come true.

  • http://www.dubizzle-sharjah.com dubizzle sharjah

    works for me ether andrew dubizzle sharjah