Advance Readings of The Final Hour

If you look over at the news section on your left (my right from inside the computer), you’ll see that after a long, long time, the movie folks are making some progress with the Homelanders series.  This is welcome news, especially as the series conclusion, The Final Hour, is going to be published in just a couple of weeks.

Nosing around the internet, I see that some bloggers have already received advanced copies of the book from publisher Thomas Nelson and have started posting reviews.

A blog called True Media Solutions writes: “This is great action packed story for teens and also adults. Anyone who likes fast paced mystery novels will enjoy The Final Hour.”

From another blog, Thoughts of a Sojourner:  “This book has the same pulse pounding excitement, drama and suspense that the other three had, but was even better because everything was finally tied up. I devoured this book the same day it came in the mail, and loved every minute of reading it. This series was geared for young adult, but an adult can and will enjoy it as I did.”

And from a blog called Reflections in Hindsight: “Fast-paced, thrilling, and fingernail-biting action kept me reading the story until the last page. Klavan manages to make me hang on Charlie’s every decision, to root for him, groan in pain and despair with him, and pray with him when nothing else can possibly make a difference.”

All very nice and extremely gratifying.  I hope those of you who read the book will let me know your thoughts.

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