More Early Reads of Final Hour

Although The Final Hour hasn’t officially been published yet, I can’t help but notice it’s already available on Amazon (hit the link and buy it.  Now!).  As I noted last week, it’s also getting some early reviews on blogs around the web.  Here are some more  reactions to the conclusion of my Homelanders series of thriller novels for young adults:

I’m flattered by this one from Hornspoon Reviews, but I’m glad the reviewer can’t read the stuff in my wastebasket:

I’m actually starting to think Andrew Klavan is incapable of writing a boring scene. Practically every sentence is packed to bursting with suspense. From a dogfight through the streets of New York to dodging subway trains in a shootout with the Homelanders, Klavan never lets up on the thrills.  And now, it’s finally over. The final hour has come and gone, answering every question; revealing every mystery. Every fan of the previous books will need to get their hands on this truly satisfying conclusion to the insanely epic series.

And there’s this from a site called Word Sharpeners:

I can’t say enough good about this series of novels and this novel, The Final Hour, in particular…  The Final Hour is the best of The Homelander Series novels. I was on the edge of my seat from the moment I started reading.

And this from WV Stitcher – a blog about reading, reviewing and…  stitching – where they clearly know more about books than I do about stitching:

I think teen boys would certainly love this book, but actually even though its classified as a juvenile read, it is an action packed story that I think would appeal to anyone who enjoys mystery and suspense.

Again, these are all very gratifying – and I especially like the remark about the books not just being for kids.  I’m getting that reaction a lot and since I don’t write down to anyone, it’s nice to hear.

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