Hunting Down Amanda to Get E-life

Andrew’s high octane chase thriller, Hunting Down Amanda, will join his Keith Peterson novels as an e-book at, a new e-book sales site created by mystery maven Otto Penzler and Open Road Integrated Media.  The 1999 novel tells the story of grieving jazz musician Lonnie Blake who one day helps a mysterious woman, only to find himself the target of elite killers.  Publishers Weekly said of the book, “this author at his best bows to no one for whiplash plotting and page-whirling suspense. He’s at his best here.”

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  • Jeanette Shaw

    Hello, we are visiting Quebec City celebrating our 50th Weddding Anniversary!!! In our wonderful hotel, Cap Diamant, I discovered a new author, YOU!!! The book on the shelf that I am reading is HUNTING DOWN AMANDA, copyright 1999. I love your style. Of course that is why I am writing!! Because you have written so many books, how would you recommend the order in which I read MORE???? Do you have a progenitor who shows up in all your books??? How can I find all your titles and are they still in print….
    I hope you answer, Mr. Klavan………..and thank you for being an exciting new author for me.
    Jan Shaw